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Wednesday, 13 February 2019

How to Bypass Hammer VPN 100 -150MB Daily Limit

The beauty of this trick is that is works for both rooted and non-rooted phones and you can easily carry out this bypass by yourself,  all you have to do is to follow the instructions in this post carefully. The MTN Hammer VPN cheat has been blazing for some days now and if you aren't connected I'll suggest you follow the ladder.

By the way, we're going to talk on how to extend/bypass the hammer VPN 100-150MB daily capped limit and get extra time online and also add more servers.

There are two ways to go about this which we're going to look at on extending the capped limit before we proceed to getting more servers.

Read Ahead Intensively
1. Go to your settings > Apps > Select Hammer VPN
2. Click on Clear Data & Clear Cache.
3. Now, open your file manager
4. Navigate to Android Folder, search for

5. open the above folder and delete
Hammer.dmp file. {Be careful not to delete the full HAMMER_TEMP_DIR FOLDER}

6. Launch your Hammer VPN and Input the
Rport and Lport .

7. Select a good server and Connect .

NOTE: You can follow this step whenever you're exhausted your 100MB Capped Data.

For this alternative, you'll need to install certain apps which i will list below:
ℹ Hammer VPN - Download Here
ℹ ES File Explorer - Download Here
💡 Sense - Download Here  😂

Now, if you've connected to Hammer VPN earlier on; you'll notice that it do bring up pop-ups notifying you of the number of sessions you've used on the server.

This trick is thereby recommended to be applied
once you get the 2nd - 3rd Pop-up session notification.

1. Firstly, Go to Setting > Apps > Hammer Vpn 
and Force Stop the app.

2. Launch Es File Explorer > Tap Menu Icon > Toggle on the Show Hidden Files Icon.

3. On the Menu > Scroll up and tap on Local > Click on SD Card > All the folders in the SD card will be shown (both hidden files).

4. Tap on Android Folder > Locate a file name

5. Now, Open the file and you'll see some number in this format - 11-78217944

6. The first two numbers are todays date, all that required is to change the date to the next date or to any number higher than 11. I.e 11-12 or upward

7. Launch your Hammer VPN and Connect .

NOTE: Keep repeating this step whenever you receive the 2nd or 3rd notification, or when you've almost exhausted your daily capped limit.
Make sure you don't exhaust the daily limit before trying this or it won't work... Prompting you to wait till the next day OR try the first step.

Note: The second method seem like the most effective way to bypass the daily limit..
Check the video below to see how to do it yourself  

Now, we're done with bypassing the limit lets move on to getting more free server on Hammer VPN.

1. Launch Hammer VPN

2. Connect to France Server 5 or 6 and browse for 1-4mins

3. Totally Exit the app and turn on Airplane Mode.

4. While airplane mode is on, simply launch your Hammer VPN and select Germany Server (It should be Visible Now).

5. Select your preferred Germany server > Turn off Airplane Mode.

6. Turn on your data connection and connect.

That's all. Enjoy! !

I hope you've get your Hammer VPN connected successfully??

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